Month: September 2012

Mr. Stanley

Sometimes shooting highly technical or intricate things can be so frustrating, it makes me want to rip my hair out and hurl the lights out the window (fortunately that has never happened.) But at other times, shooting calms me down and clears my head.

Today was one of those days.



I’m in the process of experimentation for my mixed-media series about immigrants. I have taken photographs of girls from Asian countries, and want to present them as collaged, re-photographed works. I originally wanted to include sketches and ripped bits of the current photo, with the sketches representing the projected future, and the photographs representing the past and present. But it didn’t work out the way I thought, as I wanted the girls to be wearing the traditional dress of their country in the photos, but nobody owned it!

I’ve been sort of inspired to create imagery very different to what I first planned. I think I just need to loosen up and relax with it- not make everything so formalised. And to simplify! Here’s one I whipped up in about 10 minutes… I think it has potential to develop into something good…

Thanks Sophia for modelling this one for me!

“Fly” Shoot

I finally shot my ‘Fly’ series, after a million hours of pre-production and organisation. For those of you who don’t know (ie: probably everyone), this series is influenced by the gorgeous works of Audrey Kawasaki, and is based upon the fragile moments of a young bird’s first flight.

I had a big team, including Kat Menze on hair and makeup, Roslyn Peric as my stylist and ‘bird bits’ provider, wardrobe by Deer Couture, and Sally from Scene Model Management as the model. I really wanted the team to be on the same wavelength as me, so I bombarded everyone with inspirational imagery, ideas, and a call sheet before the shoot.

It was also the first ‘proper’ shoot I had done with my Mamiya, so I was excited to see what this camera could achieve when paired with studio lighting.

Behind-the-scenes shot by my wonderful makeup artist, Kat.