Day: October 1, 2012

Glass Etching

Today in class we continued to vandalize the school by etching images into the windows. PSC may be the only university where vandalising is not only encouraged, but expected! (Although we are not sure if the managing directors were all that happy about it- our tutor was all for it though!)

For those of you keen to destroy your own windows at home, you will need: a printer, photo paper, an iron, and some etching acid. Rubber gloves are good too if you want to avoid burning your hands off.

To do the etching, we created a black and white version of our image in photoshop (no tones), then printed it on glossy paper. Then we ironed it onto the window for about 2 minutes (yes, with the kind of iron you use to iron shirts.) This made the ink transfer from the paper onto the glass.