Back in the studio today after trying for weeks to find a model for this shoot. I am working on a series that revolves around cosplay (“costume-play,” where individuals dress up as characters from Japanese anime and manga.) It’s all about the transformation from ‘regular kid’ to the alter-ego of their character, and there is going to be a fight scene!

I was lucky enough to lure (lure?… that sounds creepy..) Rai into the studio before her exams begin in a few weeks. Rai’s character is one she designed and created herself (‘Inner Self’), and she made the entire costume! I’m so impressed… I can barely sew a button onto a shirt.

I also had the fabulous Kat Menze in to do makeup, and she brought her new pup Yoshi in too, for moral support.

Here’s a shot straight out of the camera.

After some action shots involving swords, it seemed only logical to add battle wounds.

There was even pus! I cringed just looking at these.

And look who joined in the cosplay action! Little Yoshi loved sniffing everything and being patted by everyone who passed by.


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