Day: October 27, 2012

Deer Couture – Summer Collection

I’m still buzzing from today’s shoot featuring latex designs from Deer Couture. The plan for this shoot are to rip up, draw on and completely collage the photos, then sew them back together and digitally manipulate them further. Something kind of like this but better.

Sock hand- ultimate latex cleaning device.

It was another big team effort today, with Alphie LaFray and Greta Rose as the gorgeous models, and Kat Menze and Erin White on hair and makeup. I pressed the button on the camera.

Everything fell together really easily today, which I kind of needed at this stage of the semester. Four weeks to go does not require the extra stress of a shoot where everything goes wrong.

There was a lot of jumping, spinning and dancing going on during the shoot, not only by the models. And eating of many many cupcakes. :D

After shooting over 800 frames, I made the executive decision of finishing the shoot. Otherwise there would be no way to ever sort through them all. Plus, we had already captured more than enough killer images. So, we ended up wrapping early, which gave me a chance to beat the traffic home from the city. (And have a spontaneous car trip home with some of the crew.)

Now I’m just exhausted, and not looking forward to a 10-hour shift tomorrow. But, let’s be honest, I’ll probably stay up way too late playing with these images!

First pics will be posted soon!

Awesome team! Thanks guys!