Month: November 2012

Still Alive

Fly 19070 copy_sml

I’ve been so crazy busy the past two weeks with exhibitions and meetings, I haven’t had time to post anything. I have a lot of back editing from my shoots to do, so I’ll be sharing that over the next few days. Other than that, I may be shooting a very special location in the next few weeks, but more on that later…

This image is from my ‘Fly’ series, with the dress designed by the amazing Deer Couture. Accessories and bird bits from Roslyn Peric, hair and makeup by Kat Menze, and all modeled by the gorgeous Sally McBride of Scene Model Management.

Fly 19080 copy


Charlie Bonnet Official Poster


My image used for the official poster for Charlie Bonnet, a feature film made by my long time friend Peter Stanley, and Stuart Stanton. I shot a lot of imagery to be used for the film’s press kit, as well as promotional material. The title and artwork are credited to Tom Kearney.

Check them out on facebook.


Finally finished my Ani(me) series, focusing on cosplayers and the transformation between every day life and cosplay character. I called it Ani(me) with brackets because I thought it was a cute play on the word anime, with the “me” inside brackets, as if the character that a cosplayer chooses to dress as is hidden within them. It makes sense to me… :S

Anyway, here are some of the images from the shoot. Special thanks to Yucheng Su and Rai Kurosawa for modelling, and Kat Menze for makeup and special effects.



Many many hours of editing, softproofing and general procrastination have led to this. All print files ready to go and become physical, real photographic prints. The end is is sight friends!

A HUGE thanks to everyone who has been a part of this folio. Without you, it would literally be a photo of a tree and a photo of a pice of masking tape with 1998 written on it.

Anime Part 2

My last studio shoot as a student! I thought the best way to deal with this was to utilise every piece of equipment I could possibly squeeze into a bay…

So I did.

Enter 4 x Bron monos, 1 x Schoro pack, 1 x flash head, 1 x beauty dish, 2 x umbrellas, 2 x grids, 3 x spillkills, 1 x ring flash, 1 x boom, 2 x floor stand, 4 x regular stands, and a pile of extension cords.

This is what that looks like…

Today I was shooting my final bit of folio (leaving it very late..??) for my Anime series. I had the lovely Yucheng, who had flown in from China a few days earlier, and was willing to fight potential jetlag to pose for me.

Yucheng was dressed as Suzaku from the Sunrise anime series Code Geass- admittedly I had never heard of this before, but his cosplay was awesome! I really only needed two shots from the shoot; a simple headshot/portrait and an action shot to drop into a composite image I’ve been working on.

I started out with a lighting set up that was supposed to imitate Jill Greenberg’s signature style, but the ring flash didn’t fit on my camera (it had a 35mm mount), so had to be floor mounted. So I quickly got bored of that and ‘freestyled’ (read: fluked and pretended like I knew what I was doing) the rest of the shoot’s lighting.

Adjusting the outputs of each light brought me to this, which I thought looked quite dramatic.

The shoot went quite quickly and smoothly, and Yucheng was a very patient model. He was also excellent at jumping and pulling amazing action poses, which looked really impressive.

The only downside was when my laptop almost got smashed to smithereens, when one of the studio hands took a light off the boom and forgot there was a sandbag on the other end. It crashed to the floor about 1 meter from my macbook. I almost died.

I’ll post some of the final composite images up here soon. Going to be glued to the screen for the next few days editing. My brain hurts already!