Be-Be Gets Glycerine-ed

I’m dying in this supposedly-40-degree heat today, and it has reminded me that I have yet to post about a shoot I did last week for a model portfolio. It was also hot that day, but not nearly as stifling as right now. Thank god for air conditioning and iced-coffee.

Anyway, last week I shot Be-Be from Scene. Her mum, Kim, did the hair and makeup, and helped out with holding the reflector and directing the posing a bit. I think she did an awesome job with the H/MU, but I am a complete amateur when it comes to these things so I’m probably not the best judge.

I first met Be-Be back in 2011 Kim approached me to take some photos for her portfolio. Since then we have shot together numerous times, and I have watched Be-Be’s talent develop through my lens.

Today I was so impressed at how mature Be-Be has become as a model. In the beginning, it could take us a while to warm up and get into it, but as soon as I pointed my lens at her, BANG- she was on. She seemed more in control and aware of her movements, and a confidence that I hadn’t seen before emerged. I mean, Be-Be had never been shy with me, but there was something new within her that I though was perhaps more refined? I don’t know how to explain it- she just seemed to move more like a professional model.

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 11.25.32 AM L_001683L_001854 copy

Mother to daughter instructional session. We always have printed references for ideas with look, posing, and expression. I feel, however, that Be-Be really switches on when she’s left to be a free-range model. She just does her own thing and knows her angles and it just works. Of course we might start a pose or set up from one of our inspirations, but when Be-Be makes it her own, that’s when the magic happens.


Short photographer trying to be a stylist and garment adjuster.


Loving the pre-flick pose better than the actual hair flick. It’s a bit ‘I’m going to vomit’ but there’s something about this exaggerated weirdness that I like. It makes me think of an idea for a future editorial… keep your eyes peeled!

L_001770 L_001774 L_001816

It was so warm that the hair dried very quickly and had to be re-soaked. Kim enjoyed this far more than Be-Be, I suspect.


Kim had brought along some glycerol liquid stuff that is supposed to be used when making moisturiser. It also looks exactly like perspiration, and is safe to use on the skin. We thought it went with the theme, and lathered it on Be-Be’s body. It was crazy how realistic it looked- like she’d just been for a run or jumped in a pool!

L_001910 L_001924

My impromptu Max Dupain ‘Sunbaker.’ Haha.

L_002029 L_002052

The shoot actually went pretty quickly, but we got some great shots, which I’m very excited to work on! Looking for another round of magazine publications woo!

Above is a shot of me looking very very short and fat. What was I thinking standing next to a super tall model in heels?!


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