Test With Jess Singh

I love testing, and sometimes I spontaneously get a team together just to make pretty pictures. This was impromptu shoot with the lovely Jess Singh, who I met in the Botanical Gardens. I love my studio, but sometimes it’s nice to get outside and make use of natural light and nature.

Have a look at what we created in only a couple of hours.

2015-04-10 Jessica Singh Test 0652015-04-10 Jessica Singh Test 0742015-04-10 Jessica Singh Test 0402015-04-10 Jessica Singh Test 080 2015-04-10 Jessica Singh Test 1772015-04-10 Jessica Singh Test 0282015-04-10 Jessica Singh Test 1912015-04-10 Jessica Singh Test 267

Thanks Jess for your company and a lovely afternoon. And also for being patient when I was trying to shoot with my arm in a cast!

If you need portfolio shots, or just want to create images together- feel free to get in touch!!

Tamara @ Scene

L_003282L_003379L_003227L_003350L_003420v2L_003498L_003467L_003391 L_003394 L_003500L_003255L_003269L_003455

MODEL: Tamara @ Scene Models Melbourne
MUA: Kat Menze
Stylist: Style Envy Creative


Hot desert air, spiky cacti, earth as red as blood. Who is this girl who dares to tread the ancient paths?


Thank you Kat for your styling, and Tamara for looking beautiful in front of the camera.

I’m always on the lookout for new faces to shoot. If you are a model and need a fresh shoot to nestle into your portfolio, please send me an email!

Anei @ Scene

L_003047L_003078L_002991L_003013 copy_DSC9190L_003033L_002985 1L_003067L_003002L_003051             L_003039 1L_003083L_003097L_003109L_003116 1L_003131L_003153_DSC9180-2L_003192 copy copy


MODEL: Anei @ Scene Models Melbourne


Late afternoon in an abandoned carpark. The light was soft and beautiful, and the world stood still within the concrete walls.


Models needing new portfolio images, please do get in touch :3


RAW Awakening

I’m in the process of preparing for Awakening- a RAW artist exhibition that I will be a part of at the end of the month. I’ve got a lot of work to do, and time is running out quickly! Last night I sent off my postcard design to the printers, so that visitors to the exhibition can take home a small memento of my work. I can’t wait until they arrive in the mail!

sdoran_FRONT I’ve also been planning my panel layout and deciding which images to include in the show. I’ve done this by creating a to-scale photoshop document and loading each image and mount in with the correct ratios and everything. I’m feeling very mature by doing it this way and not just trying to fit everything in on the day. The file is life-size, so I can’t close it or my laptop will never be able to open it again.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 9.43.50 AM

And finally, I’ve been starting to remind people to purchase tickets to the event to come and appreciate the work of the 40 artists involved! My individual artist flyer arrived, straight from the RAW offices, and all the details of the event are on it. If you would like to come and support some amazing local and international talent, please follow the link and purchase a ticket! Please select my name from the list to show some love to myself and everyone I’ve worked with!

The full details:
EVENT // ‘Awakening’ by RAW Melbourne
DATE // Friday, January 31, 2014
TIME // 7pm-11pm
LOCATION // Melbourne Pavillion, 135-157 Racecourse Road, Flemington
TICKETS // $15


Flipbook with Elias Allanby

Photographer: Elias Allanby
Model: Alicia K
Hair and Make Up: Kathleen Cody
Assistant: Steph Doran
Assistant: Blaize Warden

This is what we got up to yesterday. Check out my blog post about it here!
And don’t forget to head over to Elias’ website and show his amazing work some love!