Olivia Visits The Studio

I have been working with a few actors and actresses recently to capture natural, honest portraits of them for their CVs. The latest talent to enter my studio was Olivia, who was great fun to photograph. I really wanted to capture her friendly, cheerful nature, so there was a lot of smiling going on (some of it prompted by my terrible jokes.) All the best for the auditions Olivia!


Headshots for Nithiya


Working with up and coming actress Nithiya to capture some headshots for her acting CV. Nithiya was so easy to work with, and very funny. The serious expressions were trickier to achieve as she was constantly making me laugh.

Bond… Charlotte Bond

160808 Charlotte Bond 191 R

I really enjoy photographing people, and love the challenge of capturing their personalities and true selves. In order to make people feel comfortable in front of my lens, I sometimes have to take different approaches.

I’m a bit of a dork at the best of times, but when I’m shooting I’ll often be very self depreciating and goof around, which can extract laughter or at least a smile from even the most nervous subject. I find that I can build rapport with people quite quickly, I think because I am small and not very intimidating-looking (well, I hope so.)

In any case, last week I photographed Charlotte Bond, an up-and-coming actress in Melbourne. Charlotte needed some new headshots for her agent, so that she can be put forward for roles and castings. She was so lovely, and a little shy at first (as is normal), but quickly opened up and relaxed. Being only 15 years old, I wanted to capture natural images, and keep the element of youth in each frame. That meant no heavy makeup, over the top posing, or extravagant costumes.

I was really happy with how the images turned out, and so was Charlotte and her mother Wendy (who happens to be one of my photography students!) Good luck with the castings, I’ll be keeping my eyes on the big screen. ;)

160808 Charlotte Bond 157 R

Shooting With Lorin

2016-02-03 Lorin Headshot 241

Last week I had the pleasure of capturing some new head shots for model/actress Lorin Kauffeld. The aim was to capture some portraits that actually looked like Lorin, so that when she went into castings, she resembled her head shot. Makeup, lighting, and even lens choice can greatly affect how a person is depicted in a photograph, so we paid special attention to detail to make sure that the shots were flattering, but still true to life. Luckily, Lorin is a gorgeous girl (both in terms of looks and personality), so that outcome wasn’t too difficult to achieve.

We tried a few different looks, to give variety, and to offer a range of appearances. I kept my lighting very simple, and not too shadowy, so as to show the features of the face well. I think that the final shots look great, so hopefully they result in some auditions and gigs for Loren. She’s going to be super famous some day soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

2016-02-03 Lorin Headshot 140

Need a new headshot?

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