Cosplay Portraits // コスプレ

2016-03-20 Cosplay Day3- Hannah 207 copyI first began this personal project after breaking my arm last March- mostly out of boredom. This is an on-going project in which I photograph cosplayers in their costumes, and ask them what it is about cosplay that draws them to the hobby.

Cosplay is the act of dressing up as a character from a book, film, or TV show- especially a Japanese anime or manga. It is very popular, not only in Japan, but around the world, and Melbourne happens to have a huge community of cosplayers. Many cosplayers make their own costumes and props, and take great pride in what they have created.

This is my third round of photographs from this series, and so far I have met a fantastic collection of people, all with such passion for what they do. Some people like the creative element of cosplay- getting to construct a costume or learning to sew. Others like the chance to portray a character, or take a break from their life by taking on another personality. But the unanimous reason that my subjects have given is that “cosplay is fun!”

I’m hoping to slowly built this series up and make it into a book.

My First (back) Cover!

Last month, Freque Magazine were looking for some anime/cosplay themed images for their January publication, and I timidly sent some of my old work to the editor. Long time fans (like you mum) may remember my 2012 series, Ani(me), featuring Rai Kurosawa and Yucheng Su wearing their own cosplay creations, and the amazing SFX work of Kathryn Menze. I sent this series off with some nice words, and within 12 hours I had a reply with a note saying that my submission had been successful.

My first magazine submission! You can imagine the elation!

A few weeks later I got another email stating that my image would be one of the covers for the month. The back cover, but a cover nonetheless!

Freque is a print-per-order magazine, which you can buy online here. Luckily they print upon request, because if it were an allocated print issue I would be sure to buy every copy.

Below are the tear sheets for my submission. 2014 is looking good!

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Back in the studio today after trying for weeks to find a model for this shoot. I am working on a series that revolves around cosplay (“costume-play,” where individuals dress up as characters from Japanese anime and manga.) It’s all about the transformation from ‘regular kid’ to the alter-ego of their character, and there is going to be a fight scene!

I was lucky enough to lure (lure?… that sounds creepy..) Rai into the studio before her exams begin in a few weeks. Rai’s character is one she designed and created herself (‘Inner Self’), and she made the entire costume! I’m so impressed… I can barely sew a button onto a shirt.

I also had the fabulous Kat Menze in to do makeup, and she brought her new pup Yoshi in too, for moral support.

Here’s a shot straight out of the camera.

After some action shots involving swords, it seemed only logical to add battle wounds.

There was even pus! I cringed just looking at these.

And look who joined in the cosplay action! Little Yoshi loved sniffing everything and being patted by everyone who passed by.