New World Soul Campaign

One of my absolute favourite things to photograph is campaigns for designers. I love the creative nature of these type of shoots, and working with a team really brings a special energy to set. Upper Volta, by Francis Kwamee has been a client for a few years now, and I always get excited when the potential for a new collaboration arises. This particular campaign had two intented outcomes; to showcase some garments from the new collection, as well as create some bold images to advertise an upcoming fashion show.

The shoot was conducted in a fantastic warehouse in Prahran. The concrete floors and white brick walls provided an interesting yet unobtrusive background, and I brought in my profoto kit to enable me to utilize dramatic light. What was particularly exciting to me this time was the total creative freedom I had. Kwamee trusted me to shoot and light however I wanted, and busied himself co-ordinating the models and pinning garments. The models were really diverse, from all bakcgrounds. I thought this really helped convey the international feel of Kwamee’s new collection. After a few minutes setting up my kit and testing the light, I was ready to roll.

Here’s a shot from @cliftonstreetmarket of me doing my thing. Do you like my makeshift desk? The bright orange makes it completely OH&S compliant.


Jarreau of Lordtown Media was on the second camera capturing footage for some short promo videos. We worked really well together, ensuring that we each kept out of each other’s shots.

It was great working with such a diverse team of models, and everyone did a great job. Some of the models didn’t have much experience, but they were brilliant at taking direction, and adopting the ‘mood’ of the shoot. We flew through the large double rack of clothing, and everyone really kept the energy up, which made for a fluid, relaxed shoot. Thanks team!


The images were used for promotion on social media. Check out a couple with the copy overlaid! And don’t forget to have a look at Kwamee on instagram!


Stafford Ellinson AW16

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 12.42.20 pm

Seeing my work in print or publication never gets old, and I’m so pleased to see some of my retouching work has been released on the Stafford Ellinson website. The studio that I am part of regularly works with the team at Stafford, and I have recently had the honour of retouching the images that are selected for the campaign. I worked as the assistant on this shoot too, which was really helpful for the retouching because I knew exactly what the desired outcome was during the pre production, shooting, and post production stages. Saville Coble, my mentor, was the photographer for this campaign.

2016-02-17-Stafford-AW16-Alesio-2XEPKP-29-3273_12016-02-16 Stafford Shirts 2532 copy_12016-02-17-Stafford-AW16-Derrick-6JHMAN-99-2781_1

There were a lot of images in this campaign, so the retouching took a lot of man hours (being chained to my desk.) I also happened to be doing a month of ZERO caffeine, so coffee was not an option.

2016-02-16 Stafford Shirts 2508 copy_1

I’m really happy with the way these shots came out, and the client was thrilled too. They are already live on the website, and might appear in store or on a billboard as well (but I’m not sure about that yet!)

In any case, I loved working on this campaign, and look forward to my next retouching job with the Stafford team. Here are a few more shots from the campaign.

Retouching For Stafford Ellinson

For the last few years I have been lucky enough to work on the campaign shoots for Stafford Ellinson and Anthony Squires (as first assistant), but this year I was also given the responsibility of retouching the campaign images. This seems pretty straightforward, but retouching suits is a painstaking activity that requires a lot of time and patience. I had to do a lot of fabric work, which can be tricky when there is pattern involved. Each image had at least 5 hours of work, some had double that.

The client wanted the images to have a slightly surreal feel, kind of Mad-Men inspired. So I went heavy on the retouch to give the model an almost unreal appearance. I’m happy with how the image came out, and so was the client. They went to print too, so everyone on the team was given a copy of the catalogue, which I thought was very nice.


Here they are looking sharp on the website! How exciting!

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 3.55.23 pm

Working with the Stafford team is always fantastic, and I genuinely enjoy the shoot day and coming together to create great images. I’m looking forward to working with the brand again in 2016!

Photographer: Saville Coble @ Blue Tree Studios

Upper Volta

2015-12-13 Upper Volta-4218

Back in the studio last week shooting some new images for Upper Volta’s latest collection. After the success of the fashion show a few weeks ago, I teamed up with the ever talented Francis Kwamee to capture some stills of the garments.

We had a huge team of models, but the shoot ran really smoothly and quickly. Everyone was eating croissants and drinking coffee and having a great time. Kind of like a gathering except that we also happened to be shooting on the side- haha what a great chilled vibe!

2015-12-13 Upper Volta-40222015-12-13 Upper Volta-444412391038_727972187338632_6302960500818493262_n2015-12-13 Upper Volta-42342015-12-13 Upper Volta-45622015-12-13 Upper Volta-44692015-12-13 Upper Volta-3872

There are some gorgeous garments in this collection, and the team of models really brought them to life!

Some behind the scenes shenanigans. There’s me on the floor as per usual…

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 11.48.08 am2015-12-13 Upper Volta-4020

Keep your eyes peeled for these images, they are going to be a great way to really launch UpperVolta’s new range.

2015-12-13 Upper Volta-45652015-12-13 Upper Volta-4564

Campaign Shoot For Reson8

2015-01-19 Reason8 50

It’s been months since I shot for Melbourne label Reson8, but I felt it was worth a blog (also this tab has been sitting open on my laptop since March.) I really like working with designers, but this shoot was even more exciting because I had been hired because of my aesthetic and ideas. The more I shoot fashion, the more I want to shoot creatively. My goal is to be hired to shoot my conceptual style, but for actual money. One day.

In any case, we had many meetings about the shoot beforehand. How it would run, where we would do it, and what it would look and feel like. Models and a crew were sorted out, and ideas relayed back and forth. The initial idea was to shoot on a beach, but we eventually settled on the studio. The look was modern, but with a bit of a rock feel. I had worked with the male mode, Tom, before, and we also had a female model on board to, to mix things up a bit and have a sense of a story with the work. Being menswear, Tom was the star of the shoot. And he could turn it on! He seemed a lot more comfortable shooting in this style, in comparison with the frilly garments we worked with together before.

2015-01-19 Reason8 00362015-01-19 Reason8 0074

It was a long day, but the team worked really well together and we powered through the shot list and the garments. Chris, the designer, had a clear idea in his head, and we were able to work towards his vision. Glynnis, who had never modelled before, did a stunning job and looked amazing.

By the end of shoot everyone was exhausted, but the shots looked great. I’m really excited to see them being used in promotional campaigns and look books. Keep your eyes peeled!

2015-01-19 Reason8 0520 2015-01-19 Reason8 0279 2015-01-19 Reason8 05112015-01-19 Reason8 07692015-01-19 Reason8 02782015-01-19 Reason8 0512

MODEL || Thomas Brennan @ Scene
MODEL || Glynnis Quin
HMUA || Love Hawkridge
STYLIST || Rebecca Durham
ART DIRECTION || Christopher Kirsner
PHOTOG || Steph Doran

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