I’m Famous

Something different today- I’m on the other side of the camera!

In preparation for moving to Japan, I started working at KUU Cafe in South Melbourne to practice my Japanese speaking and listening. KUU is run by an entirely Japanese team (aside from me and one other staff member- the token “foreigners”) so every shift is a great chance to study without studying. I came across the job purely by chance, as I had eaten there for the first time a week beforehand, then saw the add on Seek. I was looking to mix up my photography a bit at the time, so it seemed like fate.

Anyway, long story short, is seems that some of my workmates and I have become instafamous on the KUU and the MishMelbourne instagram feeds. No autographs please haha.

A Sprout, a Bean and a Magazine

… Yes, it rhymes on purpose.

I’ve recently collaborated with The Sprout And The Bean, a cafe in Geelong, to create some collages for their instagram and social media. TSATB is the cutest little cafe ever, with the best tofu burger in the world (not biased at all) and tasty raw treats.

I shot some landmarks around Geelong, as well as some of the food and drinks that the cafe makes, then sat down with some scissors and (often hilarious) old magazines from the 90’s. It didn’t take long to cover my living room floor with collages and cut outs.

Nothing was glued down, so that each photo and piece could be used again if needed. After we were happy with the creations, I photographed each one. It was great to be tactile again, and really make the collages, rather than just putting them together in Photoshop.

Here are a few of the better ones..

160703 Sprout Bean 29

^ But my absolute favourite… “Man In Shoe.”