creative lighting

New World Soul Campaign

One of my absolute favourite things to photograph is campaigns for designers. I love the creative nature of these type of shoots, and working with a team really brings a special energy to set. Upper Volta, by Francis Kwamee has been a client for a few years now, and I always get excited when the potential for a new collaboration arises. This particular campaign had two intented outcomes; to showcase some garments from the new collection, as well as create some bold images to advertise an upcoming fashion show.

The shoot was conducted in a fantastic warehouse in Prahran. The concrete floors and white brick walls provided an interesting yet unobtrusive background, and I brought in my profoto kit to enable me to utilize dramatic light. What was particularly exciting to me this time was the total creative freedom I had. Kwamee trusted me to shoot and light however I wanted, and busied himself co-ordinating the models and pinning garments. The models were really diverse, from all bakcgrounds. I thought this really helped convey the international feel of Kwamee’s new collection. After a few minutes setting up my kit and testing the light, I was ready to roll.

Here’s a shot from @cliftonstreetmarket of me doing my thing. Do you like my makeshift desk? The bright orange makes it completely OH&S compliant.


Jarreau of Lordtown Media was on the second camera capturing footage for some short promo videos. We worked really well together, ensuring that we each kept out of each other’s shots.

It was great working with such a diverse team of models, and everyone did a great job. Some of the models didn’t have much experience, but they were brilliant at taking direction, and adopting the ‘mood’ of the shoot. We flew through the large double rack of clothing, and everyone really kept the energy up, which made for a fluid, relaxed shoot. Thanks team!


The images were used for promotion on social media. Check out a couple with the copy overlaid! And don’t forget to have a look at Kwamee on instagram!


Bird Bits

Anyone who knows me will be able to tell you I am deathly afraid of birds. Whilst I have become a little more self-restrained over the years, I still shudder when I walk past a dead bird with its feet in the air, and have to surpress tiny screams if one should happen to fly near my head. Which is why decapitated bird pieces may seem like strange subject matter for my photographic folio.

Having already shot the landscape and model for this series, all that was left was to photograph detail shots of nests, eggs, and feathers. Nothing too labour intensive. I borrowed the pieces from my amazing prop person, Ros, and got to work setting up a makeshift dark studio in my boyfriend’s apartment. (To be honest, he set up the whole thing and I watched from afar, eating muesli.)

Because these objects are so small, and my lights so huge, I planned to use a torch and long exposures to light each object. But to do so, I first had to remove them from the tupperware box and arrange them carefully on black card. And that meant touching them. It took me a good ten minutes to work up the courage to pick up the wings, but I couldn’t go near the sparrow feet. Bird feet are the worst part of the bird, in my opinion. They look too much like dinosaur feet.

I ended up carefully tipping the objects out and using a stick to manoeuvre them into place.

What a whimp.