cut and paste

Tokyo Film Scans

The feeling of picking up your developed film is so exciting, and has a certain air of nostalgia to it as well. I was really excited to pick up two rolls that I had shot in Tokyo last year, because I couldn’t remember what was on them.


These frames are all from test shoots with models from Folio Management in Tokyo’s Minato ward. They were taken on 35mm film that I rolled myself back in highschool, but had not yet shot. Hence the little imperfections like dust, scratches, and leaks. I actually love these features and think they give extra character to the frames. Because the film was so old, I had no idea if it had been exposed, or if it would even look any good. These shots were digitally scanned, but no retouching or adjustments have been made. Not even exposure or contrast adjustments. They are completely raw.


I find that there is something really ‘real’ about film photos. I tend to look at them for longer, rather than skim over them quickly as I might with digital photos. There seems to be a part of the subject’s soul in these frames, as if they are really looking at me. This might sound weird, but that’s how I feel. I think film also has a timeless sort of look to it.

When I was in Hokkaido earlier this year, I went one step further and purchased a disposable camera from the convenience store there. I’ve been shooting single frames on it, but still haven’t finished it. So I’m really interested in what is on that camera. The suspense is all part of the excitement. I also like the way that having such an “ammeter” camera removes a certain barrier when shooting. Nobody seems to notice or care if I put the $10 disposable to my eye, whereas they may change their behaviour or shy away if I raise my DSLR. Observing the difference in psychology is interesting.


A Sprout, a Bean and a Magazine

… Yes, it rhymes on purpose.

I’ve recently collaborated with The Sprout And The Bean, a cafe in Geelong, to create some collages for their instagram and social media. TSATB is the cutest little cafe ever, with the best tofu burger in the world (not biased at all) and tasty raw treats.

I shot some landmarks around Geelong, as well as some of the food and drinks that the cafe makes, then sat down with some scissors and (often hilarious) old magazines from the 90’s. It didn’t take long to cover my living room floor with collages and cut outs.

Nothing was glued down, so that each photo and piece could be used again if needed. After we were happy with the creations, I photographed each one. It was great to be tactile again, and really make the collages, rather than just putting them together in Photoshop.

Here are a few of the better ones..

160703 Sprout Bean 29

^ But my absolute favourite… “Man In Shoe.”