freque magazine

My First (back) Cover!

Last month, Freque Magazine were looking for some anime/cosplay themed images for their January publication, and I timidly sent some of my old work to the editor. Long time fans (like you mum) may remember my 2012 series, Ani(me), featuring Rai Kurosawa and Yucheng Su wearing their own cosplay creations, and the amazing SFX work of Kathryn Menze. I sent this series off with some nice words, and within 12 hours I had a reply with a note saying that my submission had been successful.

My first magazine submission! You can imagine the elation!

A few weeks later I got another email stating that my image would be one of the covers for the month. The back cover, but a cover nonetheless!

Freque is a print-per-order magazine, which you can buy online here. Luckily they print upon request, because if it were an allocated print issue I would be sure to buy every copy.

Below are the tear sheets for my submission. 2014 is looking good!

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