Kylie & Vlade

In mid-January I had the pleasure of photographing the small wedding of Kylie and Vlade. They decided to have a small intimate ceremony at the Registry on Spring Street, with time afterwards to take photographs in the surrounding gardens.

Here are a few snaps.




Congratulations guys, I’m sure you will enjoy the start of your new life together. x


Willow Visits The Studio

2016-03-20 Cosplay Day3- Willow 527

My family dog Willow came to stay for a few nights, and one day when I had a few portrait sessions booked, I took her to the studio. She loved greeting the clients, and was very popular, receiving pats all day long. She was also surprisingly well behaved, sitting down and watching politely, and not trying to get in every shot or knock over the equipment.

Getting her to sit for a portrait was a different story though. Willow is very obedient, but she must have known that if she sat in the one exact spot, she would be in the picture. I think she’s camera shy.


(Above): Willow remains in position for exactly 3.6 seconds.