“Changes” Editorial

It seems like a long time ago that I worked on this collaboration with Marlene Olsson and Erin Tunn, but its finally allowed to be shown to the world. We photographed this collaborative piece around the time when David Bowie passed away, so there was a little bit of an influence in that respect. We also had no stylist on the day, as our scheduled stylist unfortunately fell ill. So the styling was all up to me, and therefore ended up featuring such designer garments as a vintage kimono (inside out), and a queen size bed sheet. Going to be all the rage next season, I hear.

Read about the shoot in an earlier blog post here.

Steph Doran
HMUA: Marlene Olsson
Model: Erin @ GTR Global
Assistant: Josephine Tut

2016-03-02 Erin Test 0772016-03-02 Erin Test 2442016-03-02 Erin Test 0962016-03-02 Erin Test 3852016-03-02 Erin Test 3182016-03-02 Erin Test 328 v2ml2016-03-02 Erin Test 3462016-03-02 Erin Test 309

Steph Shoots Steph

2015-04-30 Steph Amon Test 016

Had a quick test with Steph Amon- one of Scene’s newest faces- last week. I love working with new talent, and hadn’t done a test in a while. We decided to keep this pretty simple in terms of styling and aesthetic, so that Steph’s face and expressions were really showcased.

Kat Menze, my number one stylist, gave me a bag of garments to play with, and I had Cassandra Richards working some hair and makeup. This is what we came up with..

2015-04-30 Steph Amon Test 1462015-04-30 Steph Amon Test 0142015-04-30 Steph Amon Test 0842015-04-30 Steph Amon Test 2102015-04-30 Steph Amon Test 287 v2  2015-04-30 Steph Amon Test 018   2015-04-30 Steph Amon Test 113

This (below) is one of my favourites because it’s so raw. Not sure if it will make it into Steph’s book though, haha!

2015-04-30 Steph Amon Test 047