Campaign Shoot For Reson8

2015-01-19 Reason8 50

It’s been months since I shot for Melbourne label Reson8, but I felt it was worth a blog (also this tab has been sitting open on my laptop since March.) I really like working with designers, but this shoot was even more exciting because I had been hired because of my aesthetic and ideas. The more I shoot fashion, the more I want to shoot creatively. My goal is to be hired to shoot my conceptual style, but for actual money. One day.

In any case, we had many meetings about the shoot beforehand. How it would run, where we would do it, and what it would look and feel like. Models and a crew were sorted out, and ideas relayed back and forth. The initial idea was to shoot on a beach, but we eventually settled on the studio. The look was modern, but with a bit of a rock feel. I had worked with the male mode, Tom, before, and we also had a female model on board to, to mix things up a bit and have a sense of a story with the work. Being menswear, Tom was the star of the shoot. And he could turn it on! He seemed a lot more comfortable shooting in this style, in comparison with the frilly garments we worked with together before.

2015-01-19 Reason8 00362015-01-19 Reason8 0074

It was a long day, but the team worked really well together and we powered through the shot list and the garments. Chris, the designer, had a clear idea in his head, and we were able to work towards his vision. Glynnis, who had never modelled before, did a stunning job and looked amazing.

By the end of shoot everyone was exhausted, but the shots looked great. I’m really excited to see them being used in promotional campaigns and look books. Keep your eyes peeled!

2015-01-19 Reason8 0520 2015-01-19 Reason8 0279 2015-01-19 Reason8 05112015-01-19 Reason8 07692015-01-19 Reason8 02782015-01-19 Reason8 0512

MODEL || Thomas Brennan @ Scene
MODEL || Glynnis Quin
HMUA || Love Hawkridge
STYLIST || Rebecca Durham
ART DIRECTION || Christopher Kirsner
PHOTOG || Steph Doran

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