EPM Magazine Cover


Sooo excited to see some of my retouching work gracing the cover of Elite Property Management / Elite Agent Magazine. Featuring the fine folk at Melbourne Real Estate (MRE) South Yarra.

The photographer is James Braund. I assisted on this shoot, and also did the lighting and retouching. It was such a good day, especially capturing the group shot which contained over 30 people! Read about our efforts in James’ blog here. (You might even spot me in one of the behind the scenes photos!)

Below is the retouched group shot, which was not only inside the magazine, but is going to be printed on metal, at a gigantic scale!


Stafford Ellinson AW16

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 12.42.20 pm

Seeing my work in print or publication never gets old, and I’m so pleased to see some of my retouching work has been released on the Stafford Ellinson website. The studio that I am part of regularly works with the team at Stafford, and I have recently had the honour of retouching the images that are selected for the campaign. I worked as the assistant on this shoot too, which was really helpful for the retouching because I knew exactly what the desired outcome was during the pre production, shooting, and post production stages. Saville Coble, my mentor, was the photographer for this campaign.

2016-02-17-Stafford-AW16-Alesio-2XEPKP-29-3273_12016-02-16 Stafford Shirts 2532 copy_12016-02-17-Stafford-AW16-Derrick-6JHMAN-99-2781_1

There were a lot of images in this campaign, so the retouching took a lot of man hours (being chained to my desk.) I also happened to be doing a month of ZERO caffeine, so coffee was not an option.

2016-02-16 Stafford Shirts 2508 copy_1

I’m really happy with the way these shots came out, and the client was thrilled too. They are already live on the website, and might appear in store or on a billboard as well (but I’m not sure about that yet!)

In any case, I loved working on this campaign, and look forward to my next retouching job with the Stafford team. Here are a few more shots from the campaign.