Shooting With Sakura

On my most recent trip to Japan I wanted to do some test shooting, so I got in touch with an agency located near where I was staying in Tokyo. Folio Models represent both Japanese and foreign models, and were keen for me to do some test shoots.

As I only had limited kit, and didn’t have my usual team of hair and makeup artists and stylists, I had to shoot in quite a raw style. I asked the models to come with natural makeup, and bring a few garments.

My first subject was Sakura Kinoshita, who had been modelling for a few years, but needed some updated shots for her comp card. We decided to shoot near the Folio office in Azabujuban. Although this was not a monumental or particularly significant location, I was really inspired by the textures of the surrounding streets, and the gentle light that is completely different from the harsh light in Australia.


The light was so beautiful, with a late-afternoon feel, even though it was only 2pm. I was so inspired by the shadows that were created by the light finding its way through the buildings.

Can you believe that little walls and panels like this sit side-by-side with modern buildings and shiny 7/11 stores?


Sakura was really enthusiastic, and took direction well. She had a gentle nature, and kind face. So half way through I tried to tease a little more attitude out of her, and get some stronger expressions.


I was thrilled with some of the shots that I captured, and felt inspired by my surroundings the whole time. A few days later, Folio sent through Sakura’s updated comp card, with one of my shots as the main image. すごく嬉しかった!!


Cosplay Portraits // コスプレ

2016-03-20 Cosplay Day3- Hannah 207 copyI first began this personal project after breaking my arm last March- mostly out of boredom. This is an on-going project in which I photograph cosplayers in their costumes, and ask them what it is about cosplay that draws them to the hobby.

Cosplay is the act of dressing up as a character from a book, film, or TV show- especially a Japanese anime or manga. It is very popular, not only in Japan, but around the world, and Melbourne happens to have a huge community of cosplayers. Many cosplayers make their own costumes and props, and take great pride in what they have created.

This is my third round of photographs from this series, and so far I have met a fantastic collection of people, all with such passion for what they do. Some people like the creative element of cosplay- getting to construct a costume or learning to sew. Others like the chance to portray a character, or take a break from their life by taking on another personality. But the unanimous reason that my subjects have given is that “cosplay is fun!”

I’m hoping to slowly built this series up and make it into a book.