(S)he Moves In Mysterious Ways

2014-03-28 Dylan SWAG5910

I’ve been in the studio all day today, feeling a bit like a production line without the monotony. This morning I shot a portrait for a beautiful young graphic designer and visual artist (stay tuned for that image), as well as a movie poster for my good friend Pete Stanley (where he looked absolutely terrible on purpose.)

But the afternoon rolled around quickly, and it was time for the longest shoot of the day- a feature editorial to be published in Strange Beauty magazine. Exciting times! This was kind of a last minute idea, so I wanted to keep it pretty simple and easily executed (especially since the submission deadline was fast approaching.)

The ‘A Team’ was back together again.

The fabulous Dylan Peck, who flew interstate to be in my humble studio (read: took train from rural Victoria), Amy Johnston (stylist extraordinaire) with mountains of #sweet clothes, and my loyal and incredibly talented Kathryn Menze (who has far better skills at hair and makeup than she thinks she does.)

It was time for the SWAG shoot.

(Actually, none of us knew how to describe this style, so we settled on using lots of capital letters and hash tags)

2014-03-28 Dylan SWAG6038


2014-03-28 Dylan SWAG5953

2014-03-28 Dylan SWAG5919

4  2014-03-28 Dylan SWAG5991


We had 8 looks, 4 allocated to each gender. The idea was to let Dylan play each character and roam around in the little set I had built, and then to stitch the images together later so there would be more than one ‘character’ in each image.

We work pretty quickly as a team, but changing between hair and makeup added extra time, as did getting shoes on and off. I was absolutely in love with some of the outfits Amy put together- each persona really came alive in front of the camera. Dylan really played the different ‘parts’ well.

2014-03-28 Dylan SWAG6180


2014-03-28 Dylan SWAG6140

10157076_10202802562859177_325484800_n       10168311_10202802562739174_575598104_n

We managed to get through the 8 outfits without any issues, and had a lot of fun doing it. I was starving by the end of the day, so I packed down the studio in record time.

Thanks to everyone involved- I feel so lucky to have such an incredible team to work with. Everyone should check out the work of these talented individuals. In keeping with today’s swagger type theme, all the links are instagram feeds. #allthehashtgs …

MODEL // Dylan Peck
HMUA // Kat Menze
STYLIST // Amy Johnston

Now I have a pile of retouching to do.

Goodnight all!

My First (back) Cover!

Last month, Freque Magazine were looking for some anime/cosplay themed images for their January publication, and I timidly sent some of my old work to the editor. Long time fans (like you mum) may remember my 2012 series, Ani(me), featuring Rai Kurosawa and Yucheng Su wearing their own cosplay creations, and the amazing SFX work of Kathryn Menze. I sent this series off with some nice words, and within 12 hours I had a reply with a note saying that my submission had been successful.

My first magazine submission! You can imagine the elation!

A few weeks later I got another email stating that my image would be one of the covers for the month. The back cover, but a cover nonetheless!

Freque is a print-per-order magazine, which you can buy online here. Luckily they print upon request, because if it were an allocated print issue I would be sure to buy every copy.

Below are the tear sheets for my submission. 2014 is looking good!

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