New editorial up! I absolutely loved working with this team to create these images in the parking lot of the studio (haha- location scouting at its best!) I used natural light for most of these images, but for some I erected my gigantic para umbrella, and used the Profoto kit on location. Thanks team for helping me hold it up against the wind!

170714 Meika Lorenzo Kai 012 R170714 Meika Lorenzo Kai 080 R

170714 Meika Lorenzo Kai 026 R

170714 Meika Lorenzo Kai 066 R

170714 Meika Lorenzo Kai 194 R170714 Meika Lorenzo Kai 130 R


170714 Meika Lorenzo Kai 111 R

170714 Meika Lorenzo Kai 359 R

170714 Meika Lorenzo Kai 321 R170714 Meika Lorenzo Kai 261 R

PHOTOGRAPHER: Steph Doran @stephdoranphotog
MODEL: Meika Woolard @meikawoollard
MODEL: Kye Wall @kye_wall
MODEL: Lorenzo Sandy @papi.grandee
HAIR / MAKEUP / STYLING: Jyoti Chandra @jyotichandra,
GARMENTS: Myer Melbourne @myer

Bond… Charlotte Bond

160808 Charlotte Bond 191 R

I really enjoy photographing people, and love the challenge of capturing their personalities and true selves. In order to make people feel comfortable in front of my lens, I sometimes have to take different approaches.

I’m a bit of a dork at the best of times, but when I’m shooting I’ll often be very self depreciating and goof around, which can extract laughter or at least a smile from even the most nervous subject. I find that I can build rapport with people quite quickly, I think because I am small and not very intimidating-looking (well, I hope so.)

In any case, last week I photographed Charlotte Bond, an up-and-coming actress in Melbourne. Charlotte needed some new headshots for her agent, so that she can be put forward for roles and castings. She was so lovely, and a little shy at first (as is normal), but quickly opened up and relaxed. Being only 15 years old, I wanted to capture natural images, and keep the element of youth in each frame. That meant no heavy makeup, over the top posing, or extravagant costumes.

I was really happy with how the images turned out, and so was Charlotte and her mother Wendy (who happens to be one of my photography students!) Good luck with the castings, I’ll be keeping my eyes on the big screen. ;)

160808 Charlotte Bond 157 R


I’ve really been enjoying testing with kids and teens, its a totally different way of shooting and that in itself is quite refreshing. Trying to get a natural expression from younger models can be easier (as their filters are lower), or harder (because of being shy) depending on the person.

160721-Noah Test 0168 R

Recently, I had the opportunity to test with N. I only had half an hour or so, because N was on the way to a casting for a TVC. So I decided to photograph him in the studio, and then pop outside to play with the quickly fading winter light.

N is a champ, and really easy to photograph. Plus I learned a lot about Pokemon Go whilst I was shooting (and apparently there was a Pokemon on my camera!)

Thanks N for being a great model!


160721-Noah Test 0211 R