Kylie & Vlade

In mid-January I had the pleasure of photographing the small wedding of Kylie and Vlade. They decided to have a small intimate ceremony at the Registry on Spring Street, with time afterwards to take photographs in the surrounding gardens.

Here are a few snaps.




Congratulations guys, I’m sure you will enjoy the start of your new life together. x



My whole body is aching today. I think it is a combination of yesterday’s full day shoot, and my pilates trainer trying to kill me. The whole day kind of passed in a blur, and we packed a lot of looks into 7 hours. I was shooting for M&Y Wedding and Event Services, in the amazing, gorgeous, quirky, beautiful, incredible Establishment Studios in Prahran. I’m not sure if you can tell, but I am in love with the place. Imagine every photographer’s dream collection of every prop you could ever imagine, team it with a huge warehouse with 10 different shooting walls, and that is pretty much Establishment Studios. The place is literally filled with chairs, old suitcases, cutlery, vases, old leather books, cushions, tables, stools, cloths, fabrics, antlers… the list goes on.

2014-03-13 MY Weddings5141 copy

We had a huge team on board- four models, a hair stylist and two makeup artists, as well as the client and another stylist too. The shoot started off a little slow, but soon picked up the pace as everyone got into the rhythm of things. However this rhythm was frequently interrupted by everyone having to move their car every one or two hours. The only downside to the studio space.

2014-03-13 MY Weddings5145

2014-03-13 MY Weddings5322

2014-03-13 MY Weddings5247

2014-03-13 MY Weddings5152

There were 9 garments to get through, and a lot of changing of lights and locations. But the models all worked fantastically, and looked amazing in the dresses. We also had fabulous hair and makeup, so everything just came together easily.

2014-03-13 MY Weddings5381

2014-03-13 MY Weddings5624

2014-03-13 MY Weddings5392

2014-03-13 MY Weddings5479

2014-03-13 MY Weddings5437

2014-03-13 MY Weddings5488
2014-03-13 MY Weddings56752014-03-13 MY Weddings57382014-03-13 MY Weddings5742 2014-03-13 MY Weddings5774 2014-03-13 MY Weddings5784v 2014-03-13 MY Weddings5851 2014-03-13 MY Weddings5855 copy 2014-03-13 MY Weddings5858 L_002534 copy

Most of the team had already gone home, but I forced the remaining members to be in a photo with me. Looking forward to working with you all again!

Steph x