Sewing, Ripping, Painting

Finally have a day off work, so I can get some decent editing done. I started working on my collage series (un-originally and possibly temporarily named, ‘Drawing Board.’) last night, and I think I’m almost done. Unfortunately I left my camera at boyfriend’s house, so the digital editing will have to wait until tomorrow. (This also explains the crappy quality of the images in this post, which were taken with my zero megapixel tablet camera.)

Making Mess

Willow pretends that she is helping…

I think I’m getting ahead of myself though. Just incase I haven’t explained beforehand, I’m combining photography and collage to create a ‘lookbook’ of sorts. The idea comes from the design aspect of the craft of fashion, as each garment has to be carefully planned and sketched out with measurements and seam-maps (this is probably a made up term.) etc. I wanted to bring that idea into the images, giving them a sense of the planning that goes into each of the items pictured.

I’ve been trying to get a mix of both of the girls, as well as using just pencil, or including paint and stitching as well. I like it because I can be as messy as I like and it still kind of works. Plus the drawing part doesn’t have to be great because it’s a sketch. Winning!

Haha, I couldn’t help myself..


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